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Collars and Leashes


 More Coming Soon

Purple Zebra Stripes

1″ Only

Green Zebra Stripes

1″ Only

Red Shells

Black Paw Print on Red

Tie Dye

Gold Stripes with Paisley


1″ Only

Video Games Cubes

Pink with Daisies

70’s Stripes

1″ Only

Safety Orange and Reflective Stripe Orange

1″ Only

Paw Print Patterns

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We make several styles of collar and matching leashes. As we work out how to best show the many styles, you can email us for information and images or visit us at one of Maine’s Craft Fairs.

Collars are adjustable and come in five sizes:


X-Large                     20″ - 30″  Diameter            $20.00

Large                         17″ - 28″  Diameter            $18.00

Medium                    12″ - 19″   Diameter            $16.00

Small                         10″ - 14″  Diameter            $12.00

X-Small                       8″ - 12″  Diameter            $10.00




                            **Please specify pattern and width when ordering.


Prints not yet shown:


USMC Digital Camo

Orange Zebra

Liquid Orange

Liquid Blue


Black with Sun Flowers

White polka dots on navy

White polka dots on brown

White polka dots on orange

Leashes are 48″ long on nylon webbing. A sewn handle and sewn latch at either end. Leashes can be made to match any collar pattern.


Leashes are $15.00


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